By applying social anthropology to business, I empower companies to utilize cultural intelligence to grow and enhance their customer understanding

Cultural Intelligence is a company’s ability to connect with its customers, audiences and communities. Based on 3 pillars, cultural intelligence deeply understands and skilfully implements the socio-cultural drivers of human behaviour into business practice.

Only through cultural intelligence is a company able to maximize the sales with offerings that are truly resonant with its customers; increase the brand equity by crafting effective communications; grow its social impact in a compelling way, and remain true to its purpose.

Focussing culture into business is like salting to create flavour. It is a silent yet powerful catalyser of unique value. It does not rely on standard solutions, but it blends into each specific case, releasing the company’s potential for exceptional value creation.

I have significant expertise gained from international academic research and professional engagement with high-end and high value industries. I provide creative cultural business solutions using social anthropology to understand the complexities within society that influence human values, preferences, habits.

The result of my work is a culturally-informed strategy that enables companies to be at the forefront of value creation, delivering ahead of the shifts in their market places.

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Dr. Federica Carlotto