Monthly Archives: December 2020

Human touch and customer experience: rediscovering craftsmanship

Culture is often overlooked, but is a critical foundation in a distinctively customer-centric organization: an organization where all employees collectively and individually prioritize customer needs in everything that they do every day. (Mc Kinsey’ Service Operations Practice) A great read from McKinsey [link here], finally clarifying that excellent customer...

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The art of bowing, and a few lessons in cultural awareness

How can companies start developing cultural awareness about their markets and customers? Let me share first a personal story. At the conclusion of my Ph.D. studies in Japan, I was asked to represent my cohort at the university graduation ceremony. I had spent there five years as the only...

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Material culture and consumption | Guest talk

What do Diderot and Moira Rose have in common? What about Rihanna, and the 15th President of USA James Buchanan? An interesting dressed appearance, for a start… I have given a talk to the MA students in Luxury Jewelry Management, Birmingham City University. Such a great opportunity to share...

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