Monthly Archives: January 2021

The cultural capital of luxury brands | Session for TAILORED

Building and protecting a brand’s value is one of the most critical aspects for every business, one that requires both the specialism of law and a deep understanding of the markets. In business transactions or litigations, companies and legal experts rely on quantifiable sets of financial and marketing metrics....

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Closing the loop between culture and branding | “Cultural Strategy”

“Cultural Strategy” by Holt & Cameron [link here] has been around for more than 10 years. And it is still one of the best works proving how a cultural approach to brand strategy leads to blue-ocean innovations. Some businesses strive to close the loop between culture and branding. Managers...

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Culture in business: too thick or too thin

A compelling piece (“This morning Twitter kissed culture hard on the mouth”)by Grant McCracken [link here] about the state of culture in business. […] we have all struggled to put the culture idea on the agenda. People give it lip service, but when it comes to hiring people to supply cultural...

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