Monthly Archives: May 2024

Economic and cultural capital through art collaborations | Quote

The latest article on Sotheby’s Institute of Art focusses on luxury branding through art collaborations. I have contributed with a quote on the status cachet offered by collaborations: Luxury brand and art collaborations have increasingly promoted ‘cultural capital’ as a status badge for luxury consumers. In the past, the...

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FT The Business of Luxury | Takeaways

My takeaways of the 2024 “Business of Luxury” FT conference Multipolarity of the Asian market In the next few years Asia is going to account for 2/3 of the luxury industry growth. It is important, however, to acknowledge the multipolarity of the Asian market (Keyu Jin, Associate Professor of...

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Luxury Brand and Art collaborations | Interview

I had a very interesting time talking about my latest book with the marketing team of Sotheby’s Institute of Art. A favourite part of the interview was discussing about the research and the writing process that led up to the book: There was an interesting “back and forth” between...

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