A Pinch of Salt

This section features personal reflections, comments, insights, and any other content that adds a pinch of salt to the understanding of business.

Corporate diversity, from quotas to culture | my reflections on Medium

I struggle when I read self-complacent luxury companies claiming they are becoming more inclusive just because they have hired from racial or ethnic working minorities. They fail to see that Diversity is not a tag attached to a specific race, gender, or sexual preference. Diversity depends on the cultural...

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Luxury humanism during the pandemic | my view on Transform Magazine

Find [here] the article I wrote for Transform Magazine. In the article, I reflect on the initiatives undertaken by luxury brands during the pandemic, considering how the brands’  humanistic approach has allowed them to connect with their audiences (and beyond) on a deeper level. In the Covid-19 era, brands have...

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What’s your SALT?

It has been a fascinating journey, to create SALT. Mostly, because it has allowed me to bring my own professional value into focus. Not my “daily job” remits. Not what is written on my CV, or on my LinkedIn page. Finding my value has been about embracing the complexity...

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