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Sustainability in the Luxury Industry | Interview

I had the nicest time discussing with Richard Federowski from consultancy Roland and Berger about the pressing issues and the opportunities of implementing sustainability and the ESG principles into the luxury business practice [link here] From spontaneous initiatives to formalised benchmarking; from sectorial specialisation to cross-industrial collaboration, luxury brands...

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Luxury second-hand initiatives and circular fashion consumption | Book chapter

I am delighted to see my chapter included in the latest book edited by Dr. Annamma Joy (“New Directions in Art, Fashion and Wine”) Following the diffusion of the principles and practice of circular economy in the luxury sphere, an increasing number of luxury fashion brands and specialized product-service...

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The Future of Luxury Brand | Book Praise

I was very glad to be asked for a praise of the latest volume by formidable Annamma Joy (ed.): The Future of Luxury Brands: Artification and Sustainability. Never has the luxury industry gone through more disruptive changes than today. Through the themes of artification and sustainability, this book captures the...

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Innovation and Perspective | Summer Readings

In business (and in life), innovation does not “suddenly happen.” Rather, it stems from a change in perspective. One day we look reality with different eyes and we spot pockets for amendments and improvements. In the midst of a stagnant situation, unexpected avenues open up in front of us. Changing perspective is...

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