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The art of bowing, and a few lessons in cultural awareness

How can companies start developing cultural awareness about their markets and customers? Let me share first a personal story. At the conclusion of my Ph.D. studies in Japan, I was asked to represent my cohort at the university graduation ceremony. I had spent there five years as the only...

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Storytelling capital and good storytelling

Not necessarily does one lead to the other. Due to curious circumstances this summer I found myself wearing the luxury customer hat, and pay visit to two jewellery stores (let’s call them Big Luxury Brand A and Little Local Jeweller B). Big Luxury Brand A is 150 years old...

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What’s your SALT?

It has been a fascinating journey, to create SALT. Mostly, because it has allowed me to bring my own professional value into focus. Not my “daily job” remits. Not what is written on my CV, or on my LinkedIn page. Finding my value has been about embracing the complexity...

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