Luxury second-hand initiatives and circular fashion consumption | Book chapter

ph: Lexington Books

I am delighted to see my chapter included in the latest book edited by Dr. Annamma Joy (“New Directions in Art, Fashion and Wine”)

Following the diffusion of the principles and practice of circular economy in the luxury sphere, an increasing number of luxury fashion brands and specialized product-service companies have implemented various retail initiatives focused on the resale, rental, aftercare of products.

The chapter details the temporal features, or timescape, underpinning consumer’s attitudes toward these circular forms of luxury consumption. Through the lens of time, the analysis details the contrasting and complex interaction between the linear, fast-paced rhythm of the capitalistic production and the opposing regenerative cycles of nature, as well as the specific temporalities characterizing circular behaviour in each retail context. The findings pose that circular consumption in luxury is not exclusively shaped alongside environmental concerns, but it rather emerges from a complex web of stances about fashionability, time passing, the relation with the past.


Advance praises of the book

This riot of conceptual insight, empirical depth and stylistic technique, staged by an international band of multidisciplinary contributors, tracks the theoretical and practical consequences of the pulsating of artification across realms of experience. They explore the wicked interpenetration of economy and ecology across time and space, offering readers trenchant interpretations and marketers in particular enlightened managerial guidance. This book is an evocative collage of the relentless evolution of the commodity.

— John F. Sherry Jr., professor emeritus, University of Notre Dame

Essential reading! Annamma Joy’s edited volume transforms our thinking of what art is. New Directions in Art, Fashion, and Wine provides a provocative analysis in a fresh approach that links marketing luxuries to sustainability with a goal to protect the environment and preserve our earth. Timely is an understatement.

— Barbara Olsen, professor emeritus, SUNY Old Westbury

Remarkably absorbing, original contributions in this book challenge us to question the importance of sustainability, artification, and digitalization in the contemporary business world. Theoretically nuanced, their new visions advance our knowledge of aesthetics and marketing with a broader perspective.

— Yuko Minowa, Long Island University

Luxury fashion, fast fashion, art, and wine are not areas normally associated with sustainability or with each other for that matter. But in this book, Annamma Joy and colleagues brilliantly link them together in surprising and intriguing examples that will prompt serious rethinking about how everything is becoming an art. Enjoy and savor!

— Russell Belk, York University