“How to launch a digital collection for an established brand?”| panel moderation

ph: the fashionverse

What a great discussion we had on our panel this afternoon with the amazing Costas Kazantsis (Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion), Louise Laing (Phygital Twin), Leanne Elliott- Young (Institute of Digital Fashion), Leslie Holden (The Digital Fashion Group), Ward de Kruiff (EPAM)!

Part of the thought-provoking sessions of the Fashionverse, presented by Digital Fashion Week and Mad Global and hosted by Epic Games in London [link here], in our panel we explored how established fashion brands can build their own digital collection.

Through a set of lenses, we pointed out the relevance of digital communities, the necessity to integrate technological know-how within the culture of the company, and to really understand the consumption cycle of digital pieces. We also touched upon ethical issues in pushing the potentials of the digital.