How does excellence sound? Activating a community of music gourmands

  • Area: Branding
  • Key Area: Audience Activation
  • Sector: Music
  • Type: Workshop

Luxury is not a product or a sector. It is a culture, a way of thinking about excellence. A well-established, family-run recording studio was looking for ways to leverage their expertise in sound engineering to grow their reputation and customer base.


During the session we explored the brand's power to act as cultural universes of higher-order values, aggregating audiences with the same values. The founders identified the passion for the perfect sound as the symbolic core of their brand identity.


Based on the studio’s business environment, I designed a workshop with focus on branding. The aim of the workshop was to show the founders how to elevate their unique know-how to a distinctive brand, above and beyond the services offered.


The workshop enabled the studio to make the first steps into building a consistent branding architecture. The founders organized a series of in-studio music performances to bolster their social media presence and activate a strong community of music gourmands.

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