Luxury: The meaningful business

  • Area: Learning & Development
  • Key Area: Audience Activation
  • Sector: Lifestyle management
  • Type: Masterclass

'What is luxury?' — for every player in the business, this is the core question. A global group in the luxury and lifestyle management sector asked me to explore the topic with the staff, as part of their annual professional development programme.


During the session, I explored the multifaceted semantics of luxury — from ostentation to understatement, from hedonism to empowerment. Using examples of best practice in business allowed me to showcase the relevance of societal meanings for value creation.


I designed a masterclass that would shine light on how luxury perceptions are translated into specific consumption practices. The masterclass was to address the social and cultural significance of luxury, considered in its business implications.


The session gave the attendees the tools to become more receptive of the evolving behaviours of luxury consumers, and to successfully leverage and incorporate cultural insights when delivering on their clients’ expectations.

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