Talking heritage online: a rich storytelling strategy

  • Area: Digital marketing
  • Key Area: Brand Relevance
  • Sector: Luxury retail
  • Type: Case-study Research

Heritage is a key element of storytelling, and one of the most effective tools to drive customer engagement. In the digital sphere, however, brands need to apply specific strategies to make their past appealing to e-audiences.


I conducted a content analysis of the heritage-related objects — texts, images, hashtags — shared by the retailer and its followers on social media. This allowed me to map the different forms of users' engagement towards the retailer's heritage narratives.


I developed a research project in collaboration with the head archivist of one of the oldest luxury retailers in London. The aim of the research was to assess the retailer’s heritage communication on its official website and social media channels.


The final outcome provided the social media marketing team of the retailer with a framework to plan a rich heritage storytelling, balancing consistency and variety across their digital communication platforms.

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