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The art of adornment | Quote

Whenever I need to refresh my perspectives, I turn to anthropology. I have recently delved into “Adornment” by philosopher D. Davies, which explores practices and history of body decoration – from beads to scarification, from make-up to clothing. Here below my favourite quote from the book. Not only does...

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Art, luxury, and postmodern consumption| Book publication

Hot off the press! Thrilled to announce my latest book, “Luxury Brand and Art Collaborations: Postmodern Consumer Culture”, is now out from Routledge. Over the past two decades, collaborative initiatives between luxury brands and the art world have been increasing in number and relevance, becoming one of the most...

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Art and Luxury | Interview

I had a very nice time with Dr. Ellen Andrea Seehusen, CEO and Founder of IAM Arts, one of the very first Arts Advisory Firms specialised in creating artistic projects for companies. We considered the synergies between the luxury industry and the art world, the approach I have taken...

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The enduring allure of art and luxury| Podcast episode

Last week I had the pleasure to discuss with Ben Luke on “The Week in Art” podcast of The Art Newspaper [link here] about the origins and the trajectories of luxury brands and art collaborations, with a specific focus on the latest Yayoi Kusama X Louis Vuitton iteration. In the...

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