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Luxury Consumption and Western Colonialism

For Louis Vuitton founder’s 200th anniversary, let me share my (nerdy) favourite trivia fact. The first known Japanese customer of Louis Vuitton is Itagaki Taisuke, one of the founding fathers of the Japanese Modern Government in the mid-19th century. Leader of the Jiyu Minken Undo (Freedom and People’s Right...

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A socio-cultural point of view of retail | Instagram Live

Looking forward to discussing the retail environment with ephemeral retail expert Ghalia Boustani. DBA, Ph.D. I will propose a socio-cultural reading on consumption and places of retail. It is a great for the opportunity to share the approach that I have developed with my consultancy SALT to the very hot...

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Material culture and consumption | Guest talk

What do Diderot and Moira Rose have in common? What about Rihanna, and the 15th President of USA James Buchanan? An interesting dressed appearance, for a start… I have given a talk to the MA students in Luxury Jewelry Management, Birmingham City University. Such a great opportunity to share...

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