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A socio-cultural point of view of retail | Instagram Live

Looking forward to discussing the retail environment with ephemeral retail expert Ghalia Boustani. DBA, Ph.D. I will propose a socio-cultural reading on consumption and places of retail. It is a great for the opportunity to share the approach that I have developed with my consultancy SALT to the very hot...

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Fashion and empathy: a message from Japan| World Hope Forum 2021

I had the greatest Sunday morning virtually attending the World Hope Forum Japan 2021. Organized by Trend Union (Edelkoort Inc.) , the forum shed light on fashion, education and creativity in their interdependence with the Japanese social and geographic environment. Here the main takeaways of the event: Empathy in...

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The cultural capital of luxury brands | Session for TAILORED

Building and protecting a brand’s value is one of the most critical aspects for every business, one that requires both the specialism of law and a deep understanding of the markets. In business transactions or litigations, companies and legal experts rely on quantifiable sets of financial and marketing metrics....

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