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In Pursuit of Luxury: What Next ?| Online Symposium

Next 10thDecember I will be speaking at the virtual symposium “In Pursuit of Luxury: What Next?”, organized by the University of Hertfordshire −School of Creative Arts in collaboration with Intellect Publishing. I will reflect on the research Prof. Simon O’Leary and I published on the “Journal of Design Business...

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Learning from Luxury | interview for MCH Global 2020 Report

Find [here] the link to the MCH Global Report on “Future Trends: Learning from Luxury Insights”. The report is written by Luc Benyon and features examples of good practice in luxury marketing that can be effectively implemented in other industries as well. What can luxury teach to other sectors?...

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Luxury: revolutions and paradoxes | interview on MAG Magazine

What fascinates me about luxury is its protean nature: luxury is a universal concept, and yet it changes according to each context of experience. Luxury can identify socially validated objects, like a yacht or an Hermès Kelly bag, as well as a personal, mundane moment like our morning coffee....

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