Luxury and Art: shaping a niche learning experience

  • Area: Product Development
  • Key Area: Audience Activation
  • Sector: Higher Education
  • Type: Course Design

A major player in the field of art education was looking to diversify its portfolio of academic offerings, and develop a semester course with a focus on the crossovers between luxury and art.


In designing the curriculum, I took a student-centred approach. I structured the educational journey as an integrated and transformative practice, where the learners engage with a balanced mix of theoretical and applied contents, while receiving behind-the-scene access to the luxury industry and the art world.


The institution asked me to design a course that conformed to its high quality standards and students' demographic, and that would enable them to realise a coherent extension of their core expertise.


The course generated a very rich learning environment, which received a very high evaluation from the students. As a result, the institution was able to attract a new learning audience and build a solid reputation in the field of luxury studies.