The “made-in” cachet: leveraging the place brand equity of luxury goods

  • Area: Strategic Marketing
  • Key Area: Brand Relevance
  • Sector: Luxury goods
  • Type: Research Project

A number of luxury companies rely on a global production chain, manufacturing goods whose provenance differs from the country of origin of their brand. This can pose challenges to marketing a 'pure' geographic pedigree.


A digital fieldwork study examined 3000+ users' comments over 10 years about the 'made-in' of luxury goods in different sectors. We were able to determine the consumers' threshold of tolerance towards place-related incongruences in luxury products.


A joint research project explored the consumers' cognitive constructs about the provenance of luxury goods. The aim was to measure the impact of delocalisation on the perceived value and desirability of luxury goods.


Based on the findings, we designed a framework to help luxury companies with global manufacturing operations to maximise their place brand equity against the market’s perceptions and expectations.

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