In Pursuit of Luxury: What Next ?| Online Symposium

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Next 10thDecember I will be speaking at the virtual symposium “In Pursuit of Luxury: What Next?”, organized by the University of Hertfordshire −School of Creative Arts in collaboration with Intellect Publishing.

I will reflect on the research Prof. Simon O’Leary and I published on the “Journal of Design Business and Society” a couple of years ago. We conducted digital ethnography on the correlation between the place of origin of luxury goods and their desirability, and how consumers make sense of and negotiate narratives of place for different luxury items.

After two years, it is time to take stock on these topics:

  • Place and sustainability: the findings of our fieldwork indicate that consumers could possibly rationalise the delocalisation of luxury manufacturing, provided the same quality standards and respect for the local workmanship and environment were guaranteed. Delocalisation as a cost-cutting manoeuvre was perceived to spoil the luxury quality of the final output, and to reflect negatively on luxury corporations. How has this perception evolved?
  • “Made in China”: our data show that the place-brand “China” is still suffering from the bad rap it earned as low-cost manufacturer. And yet, Asian countries are being involved in the creative processes of Western luxury brands, while luxury Chinese brands are increasing in number and popularity. Are the shifts in the geopolitics of luxury changing the reputation of Asia?
  • Place imagery across digital and physical: with the pandemic compressing our physical movements and expanding our acquaintance with the digital space, is our imagery about geographic places still relevant for luxury brands? Are there emerging any new place-associations ?

Join me and other colleagues and practitioners [here]