Luxury humanism during the pandemic | my view on Transform Magazine

ph: Transform magazine

Find [here] the article I wrote for Transform Magazine. In the article, I reflect on the initiatives undertaken by luxury brands during the pandemic, considering how the brands’  humanistic approach has allowed them to connect with their audiences (and beyond) on a deeper level.

In the Covid-19 era, brands have proved to be generous and selfless buddies. They have turned the transactional relationship brands-customers into a human-to-human interaction. They have used social media and other digital platforms not to promote themselves, but to reach out. They have set up challenges and games not to generate buzz and likes, but to keep people company. It has been less about them – brands and products, and more about us people – whether luxury CEOs, designers, employees, or John Doe in isolation

In critical times, luxury brands proved us they can pivot. Now we must wait and see: is empathy something limited to the exceptional circumstances we are experiencing? Or will empathy help shaping these companies’ approach once we transition in the next normal?

What is certain is that the pandemic has raised the expectation bar: it is not enough for companies to know their audiences, companies have to understand them. It is not enough for companies to care for their customers, they need to care for their communities as well.